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I'm Addiction

getcha pills here! are you feeling ill, dear?

well don't fear I've got some pills for you here you won't even feel a thing

no need to feel pain when you got all these pills to your name

these pills will make you feel happy in a snap now stop complaining I'm getting agitated frustrated

now here take your prescription let's raise the mg come back to see me when you need me to up the dose

these pills work for most if they don't work for you relax I've got tons now that I'm thinking about it how about this one?

ha, well I sure hope you don't get addicted to all of these narcotics I wrote in your prescription sucks for you there's no way to end this daily subscription

oh what's that? You're mother was addicted to this? well lets give it a try yeah, I don't see a problem with this

oh no, you've been snorting those well how about we raise the dose

oh what's that? you started abusing drugs? well lets add some medication just because

oh this is making you a zombie that means it's working, baby! what do you mean you don't want to take these? sorry but all of that is up to me!

I don't care if you don't agree I'm your owner your life revolves around me these pills cost money and the high sure as hell isn't free

you need these pills to survive if it weren't for me you wouldn't even be alive! is this how you repay me? you betray me? try to slay me?

oh so you got yourself a family and so that's just the end of me? you try to drown me out in NA meetings?

well I'm addiction when you're low I'm the one who you'll be missing reminiscing

I'll whisper in your ear just one more time you know you miss it you want that bliss back

well I'm just a needle away a rolled up five and in time I'll make you my slave

I'm addiction

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