I Can't Believe It

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juliahamilton Hello, Goodbye
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I Can't Believe It

my god you're walking and dancing around

balancing by yourself with your feet planted on the ground

look at you giving kisses and waving goodbye

how big you've gotten it's almost enough to make me cry

I was so proud to see you walking holding on the the table

making your way to your toys walking strong and stable

and seeing you smile and giggle makes me so glad

and how when you saw the cookie I was eating and you got mad

and your daddy gave you a piece of it and you wanted the rest

and I can't help but think these days are the best

just a few weeks ago you were just learning to crawl

and not to far from now you'll be outrunning us all

I'm so proud of everything you've done so far

from drooling on your aunt Sara to pushing your Frozen car

You've gotten so big but you're my little girl

It's insane that one day you're gonna take on the world

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