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thanks to @badwriting for being smart and giving me this idea

Brain simulation

1 hey, how are you doing? good- slide 2 not well-slide 3

2 good to hear! have you been working on your coping skills? yes- slide 4 no- slide 5

3 hey, how are you doing? good- slide 2 not well- slide 3

4 Very good! You'll be doing better in no time! how have the meds been working?

5 that's alright what have you been doing? are you even trying? you're doing this to yourself

3 hey, how are you doing?

3 are you even trying? you're doing this to yourself

6 you're doing this to yourself

5 well they can take a while to kick in

3 hey, how are you doing?

3 stop your complaining

? lets switch up the medication

? how are you doing?

? are you focusing on your coping skills

? are you taking the medication

? you're doing this to yourself

? you need to work harder

? that's not what I heard from your mother

? you need to work harder

? try again

? your perception is off

? hey how are you doing?

? if you'd just focus on getting better

? you've come so far

? just stop being sad

? that's not how you feel

? hey how are

? taking your medica

? have you been pra

? come so far

? not what I

? stop the

am I crazy?

? stop overreacting

? stop being selfish

? honwcnvoreqgt


help me don't say it say it

? just

? are yo

? that's not wh

? think about something else

? hey, how arrrrrrrr

? hhhhhhhhhhhhhow are yyyyyyyy

? kkkkeep goooingggg

? hey howw arerere youuu

? stop compl

? shh

help me don't say it say it






I'm a waste of space

nobody will miss me

just breathe

why aren't you breathing?

are you even trying?


I guess you don't want to breathe, huh

why won't you just help yourself?

this was just a sort of simulator type thing for depression from an idea I got after talking to @badwriting (who I'll @. Hello(: ) last night about depression and how you can feel lost and so, so confused and scared even it's not always like this depression is different for everyone but you may be able to somewhat relate to this a bit.

If you feel worthless or feel like you'd be better off dead, just know that everything you are doing IS worth it. no matter what people are saying, what your mind is saying about yourself, you ARE making progress each day you keep going. You can get through this. You really can. You're going to make mistakes, you're going to have bad days. but you're going to have good days again too

and above all, you have the choice to keep going even when it feels like you don't, those times when you're drowning, try to take a deep breath. give yourself a break. And ask for help. sometimes it seems like the people who are supposed to help you are judging you. But they're not. They've seen this before. You're NOT crazy. You are doing okay.

we all need someone to talk to if you ever need to talk to someone and you don't know who, whether it's to vent or anything, you can talk to me

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