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About happy endings

Happily Ever After

As a child, I’ve been a fan of fairy tales.

Because of these tales, I’ve always wanted to be a princess, to have my prince hand in hand as we live in happily ever after.

But life happens.

But life happens. And all of sudden you realized that the fairy tales you’ve dreamed of will never come true.

You’ll never be that gorgeous queen that would be saved by a dashing knight,

or that handsome prince in magnificent clothes and with a beautiful wife. That’s it.

You’ll never have those magical moments, unless you’re goddamn rich or a real royalty.

But it doesn’t mean you’ll never get a happy-ever-after.

Yes, it may not be an amazing sound of trumpets along as the whole kingdom cheer,

But it could be a quiet slumber with that one person who believe and had love you, despite of your shortcomings.

It may not be a grand royal wedding with magical fairies sprinkling pixie dust all over

But it could be the sweet sound of your daughter’s giggle as she sprinkles glitter all over your pants.

You may not end up living in a castle with maids and guards

But it could be a simple apartment with the one you love, as you play rock-paper-scissors — -with unwashed dishes at stake.

Your ending might not end up as what fairytales’ endings, but once you found the true happiness, no amount of grand weddings and magical rides will ever be any happier than your happiness.

Everyone’s life is just a realistic fairy tale. You’ll get your own happy ending soon.

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