A Sweet Gesture
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In exchange for four pieces of ice cream, a nine-year-old boy is challenged to stop a random lady from crying.

A Sweet Gesture

Jose received 5 cents from his uncle.

"Thanks for helping me out here in the backyard, kiddo. Go and buy something for yourself."

He went to the nearest sari-sari store to buy ice cream for him and his siblings. Alas, he could only afford one ice cream. As he has four siblings, that one piece wouldn't suffice.

“Uh mister, could I get at least four more pieces of ice cream? I’ll help you clean your store as payment.”

The owner shrugged. “No. If you want to get more ice cream, you need to pay more than 5 centavos.”

“But manong,I don't have a job yet. All I can offer is some help in your store. Please... I’ll help you out with anything.”


“Anything, manong.”

“Well then… You see that lady?” He pointed at a woman across the street. The lady was sitting in one of the benches, crying like a baby.

“Yes. She looks devastated, manong.”

“If you can make her smile, boy. I’ll give a few more pieces. I’m…a bit worried.” The owner said.

Jose quickly went to the lady. But before he could say anything, the lady stopped him.

“What now? Is it new to you to see a woman crying in public? What will you do, huh? You’re going to console me, like everyone else?! As if you care!” She said in a sarcastic yet hurtful tone.

The little boy remained silent.

He handed her the ice cream he just bought.

“W — what's this for?” The lady asked, puzzled.

“It's from the owner of that sari-sari store.” He pointed at the store across the street.

“He asked me to give these to you. He said that someone like you deserve all the sweetness and happiness in the world."

The woman, overwhelmed with the gesture, stopped crying. “That’s…very sweet of him. Thank you.” She gave a little smile.

“Ma’am, you shouldn’t thank me — thank him.” The lady then went to the store to talk with the owner.

Jose, on the other hand, ended up going home with a pack of ice cream and sweets.

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