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juice Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   12 days ago
A lil something for yall :)

Rooftop Music

By Juice

A rooftop surrounded by fresh air and the sounds of the city.

But you still bring your headphones to drown out the sound.

You hope that this time the cold air and hip hop can take away some of the stress that's pulling on your overworked heart.

Fourtyfive minutes later, but your heart still aches and those ears still pound.

You look out onto the street in front of you. There are lights flashing from your neighbors computer behind their blinds.

"Would you remember who I was if tomorrow came up and I wasn't around?"

You chuckle, a weird thought that you would only get on the roof you think as you climb back into your room from the window.

Sadly, to the regular life you must return to tomorrow. To normalcy, you are bound.

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