The Struggle & Triumph After MEST
The Struggle & Triumph After MEST stories

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The Struggle & Triumph After MEST

Meet Team Asoriba

Advice for EITs

Share Ideas Have fun When you finish, with or without funding build yourself. You don't know it all. Open up, accommodate and let people teach you things

More Advice for EITs

Define your endpoint clearly Be like a sponge - soak in everything Understand why you need funding This is a marathon with sprints in between

Q & A

How to build the right team

Look out for people who look beyond the idea Look out for attitude over competence

How do you get the tech part of the program

Leverage peer programming learn new tools, new tech and best practices

How to work with your team

You need someone who is a leader You may find issues with personality Maximize your team member's strengths and minimize their weaknesses

How to deal with internal conflict

Talk about everything Do daily stand up meetings Share personal experiences Be a person who glues the team together Have company reviews occasionally where team members air their views

What would you have done differently

Take everything seriously Don't try to be Jack of all trade Learn everything - be known for something Connect with every single person that comes through the MEST walls

How to deal with team ideas

Become experts at shooting down bad ideas Good idea or Bad idea - What is important is execution

How to have appropriate skill formation

Skill-sets should complement. The smaller the co-founders, the easier to make decisions

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