Nothing mine to keep...
Nothing mine to keep... stories

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Nothing mine to keep...

by judittawolff

Don't take what isn't yours to keep... they said.

Nothing that is yours can be taken away, mother said.

So I carried all that was not mine and returned it to where it came...

All those fears and all this pain...

All those thoughts planted in our collective brain...

I gave back the burdens that pulled me down from the clouds.

And all those pressures that pushed me under this beautiful ground.

All that I am and all that you are is all that we have.

And all those fences are just nightmares we decided to have.

The journey back was light and free.

As the fire burnt itself and warmed our souls... We were just able to be.

Grateful for the water that I am... And the rainbow that you are.

And grateful for the Earth that unites us both in the end.

When we unfold enough to be trees...

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