House short stories

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Short story idea. Little to no detail, just an outline of a potentially good surrealist short story.


Surrounding the house on all five sides was an endlessly tall, thick, green, grass wall, letting not one bit of sunlight through. The house's interior fought to be as mysterious as its exterior.

The passage to the basement was through the false step on the stairwell to the third floor, down the ladder to the cellar,

up a different ladder to the attic and down the stairs hidden under the trapdoor by the attic window.

In the basement was a huge fortress of sheets and blankets making up a childish, yet complex, maze. The treehouse lived under the porch, without light, water, nor a way to it.

The cat had been there for even longer than the house, however long that's been.

Then there were the other mysteries revolving around the family. When the Lady was sad the house got cheerful. Chocolates would appear in place of meals to comfort her.

When the Lady was happy the house was even more generous, giving whole buffets of food, whether it be an array of pastas or a multitude of desserts.

The Lady and the Boy were healthy and very well treated.

The four of them all took part in taking care of each other. The house taught them to live comfortably; "Now, set the water to boil.

" The Boy taught the Lady to be curious; "Why is the stove top red?" The cat taught them to be smart; "Don't touch that!" The Lady taught the Boy compassion; "Is your hand alright?

" And above all, they taught each other to love; "How's dinner?"

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