The Child Finder: Re-imagined
The Child Finder: Re-imagined bad guy stories

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This IS based on a lesser known book, but the book, The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld, is worth the read. This is my take on what the ending would be like if the badguy won.

The Child Finder: Re-imagined

Snow Girl was cold. She knew it would be risky to leave Mr. B's home, but she was too curious of what else there was in life.

Was there more than pain, out here in the snow?

It felt like there was more out here, something from her past. Something from before she became Snow Girl.

Mr. B had kept her hidden from the rest of the world. He protected her from the rest of the world, and yet she still felt drawn to the snow.

"Time to leave," she thought.

"To leave!" she said aloud. Determined

"To escape...?" she said in a whisper. Sometimes her mind became all jumbled. A simple side affect of being a Snow Girl, sometimes the soft snow turned into a blizzard. Obviously right now she simply wasn't thinking straight.

(Switch Points Of View to Mr.B )

Mr. B was watching her. The woman.

The woman was looking for the girl. She was trying to take the girl away!


The girl had escaped on her own, but she would come back, as long as the woman didn't find her. How long had it been? Three years since he had found the girl in the snow, by herself, just as he had been found by the man before him.

Yes, the girl was his. Not the woman's.

(Switch Points Of View to Naomi )

The sunlight was starting to fade. If she was going to find Madison today she would need to do it soon.

Her parents shouldn't have to wait a day longer for their little girl to come home, but the forest was dangerous in the dark.

Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Naomi decided to try calling out, maybe Madison would hear.

Madison heard

Mr. B heard

Footsteps! Naomi heard running, coming towards her. Searching frantically around... There! Madison. All grown up from the pictures her parents had shown.

"Madison? Is that your name?" Naomi asked the girl. Madison cocked her head in confusion. "No. I am a Snow Girl."

"Ahhh, I see," Naomi said in understanding. Sometimes it helped if the imagination blocked away the pain of what happened. Naomi knew that quite well.

"Is there a man with you?" Madison nodded "Where?" Madison pointed behind Naomi

The End

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