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Scrapbooking My favorite hobby has always been scrapbooking



My favorite hobby has always been scrapbooking

It's such a creative activity to do

For pictures and poems, I'm always looking

Forever scanning magazines through and through

I look for pictures of people and places

Some happy, some excited, some tired, some sad

I try to find real emotional traces

And whatever I like, to my scrapbooks I add

Over the years many books I have made

Scrapbooks of poetry old and new

Old web sites and online pictures I raid

Some of my scrapbooks are happy, some blue

Certainly, on this hobby you can say I'm hooked

There's nothing like it to keep me involved

No one would believe how hard I have looked

For rhymes and riddles that will never be resolved

I started this past time at our church

Each Wednesday all the ladies would look

Each one in her chair quietly perched

Consumed with finding the perfect hook

Everyone knows that you must create ideas

Inspiring and intriguing to reel in a person

Someone who will cast off all their fears

And stop to read your poem for a life lesson

I love scrapbooking, it's so rewarding

It brings childhood memories back to me

School days when with friends consorting

Times that were so happy and carefree

Often I reread through my many books

Books I've created by myself

Sometimes I find things that I've overlooked

Words that reveal how I once felt

Poems about family and friends so dear

Poems about God's creatures so lovely

Poems about Nature, Seasons, and Fears

Poems about things you can't buy with money

I'm planning on leaving my scrapbooks all

To my kids and grandkids after I'm done

When this life with its troubles are just a sad pall

And all they have left is the legacy I've begun

I never had many pictures or prose

Left me by parents or other relations

That's why I suppose I strive to compose

Scrapbooks to leave to younger generations

I want them to always remember me as

The Grandma that loved them so

I hope they realize that I had pizzazz

Even though I can't leave them much dough

The things that are important in life

Aren't always the things that are seen

When you live through all the sorrow and strife

You'll understand just what I mean

A love of poetry is what I will leave

For my children and grandchildren too

For what is a life and to what will you cleave

If great poetry is missing from you

By Julia Shaw

May 2020

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