Your Lie, My Truth
Your Lie, My Truth pain stories
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The only good lie.

Your Lie, My Truth

I was once in love, but it tore me apart,

Then you came to my life, you changed my heart.

You said and promised, “I won’t do the same.”

I smiled and believed, but I think I’ve been deceived.

Years have passed, we’re so happy.

Wait, “we”? Or is it just me?

I did everything I could to prove you’re the one.

I’d walk on wires, but for you, I might even run.

Just one glimpse, everything’s changed.

The smile you were wearing, I know it’s fake.

I asked you, “What went wrong?”

“Nothing”, you answered, “I just don’t love you anymore”.

I’m shattered to pieces when you said the words.

Flashbacks keep coming but it became blurred.

Tears start falling but I tried to hide.

And you, you’re not even crying, look at those eyes.

I haven’t slept very well since the last time,

Looking at our pictures is what makes my night.

Oh, now I can do fake smiles, look!

I’m so good at it; forgot how to make it true.

Hey, I love you, every single day.

Can I ask you a favor, please do it and say?

Can you tell a lie and I’ll pretend that it’s true?

Just say, “I love you, too.”

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