You'll end up just like me.

You'll end up just like me.  personal stories

jthr Never let that chance go by.
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I hope this ex-special person can read this. 💙

You'll end up just like me.

One more step and I'll be touching your door.

I see two hues, black and blue.

Worrying if to knock is the right thing to do.

I don't want to see you vulnerable.

I came to say how unbearable this is.

Mistreating the person you respect,

Harming the one you protect,

Abusing someone you cherish,

And wounding the soul you love.

I provided you all that I can reap.

I sang even if my throat is sore.

I shoveled gems for you to see.

Because you deserve it.

And I'm really glad. That I am not for you.

But if you found somebody.

Don't give it all and you'll end up just like me.

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