Eden Virus 27 Part 1
Eden Virus 27 Part 1 fiction stories

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It spoke to me a light; “My child, are you not tired of this sin filled world?”

“Come and embrace me. Accept me.”

It called to me; A Paradise. It granted to me; An Eternity. It brought to me; Salvation.

No pain. No fear. No evil. No sins. No deaths.

For this world is Eden. And it shall burn.

Eden Virus 27 Part 1

"Schenpai *sniff* I'm swo glad to schee you." My words slurred as I sobbed upon seeing the smiling face of Mitsuhide-senpai appearing on his live chat.

"Whoa hey now Ryuuko, no need to cry. It'll ruin your cute face, ha ha. But unfortunately, we don't have time for a touching reunion." Senpai said before turning to Alma.

"So, the crowning asshole of misery is standing right in front of me. Heya VIP, so we finally meet eh?"

"Oh my, what a pleasant surprise. Hello, child of sin. It is indeed nice to meet you. A touch shame it isn't face to face." Alma chucked in response, a mocking smile on their face.

"Why you son of a bit-!"

"SENPAI! Don't let them riled you up! Right now, the President and Hideyoshi, what is happening to them?" I quickly intervened.


Oh yeah! They're in really big trouble right now!

When your life signal suddenly appeared on my scanner, I quickly jumped to where you were but the last I saw them they were still fighting off those goddamn monsters!" Senpai exclaimed.

"W-we have to help them!"

"Yeah, I know. I overheard some of your conversations. If what you said is true then..."

We turned to see Alma grinning ear to ear as they looked towards us, a disgusting look of smug on their face.

Just looking at them was infuriating, as if our problems were nothing more than mere jokes to them.

I felt the humming of energy from the coil gun in my hand, signaling its working status.

"This guy over there, is the source of all our problems. Ryuuko, the coil gun is ready at your command. Take it and fire at that bastard!"

"Eh? Y-yes!" I nodded my head as I aimed the gun at Alma.

"This is your last chance, Alma! I ask you, stop those monsters right now!" I demanded; my finger steady on the trigger. "P-Please?"

Upon hearing my added plea Alma suddenly burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

It was a spine-chilling cackle that echoed throughout the void, taking both of us by surprise as I saw also the terrified look on Senpai's face.

"W-w-what the hell is with this guy?! How are they able to just laugh with a gun pointing at them?!"

"Takatora Ryuuko, very good. You've finally learn to use common courtesy. That makes me very happy. Maybe there is hope for you yet." They said in a mocking tone.

"It's not anything like that! And...and I'm being serious here!" I retorted as I continued to grip tightly the gun in my hand.

How could someone in such a situation still joke around like this?! It is absolutely enraging, as I fought to control my anger toward them.

"I know you are. However, please do believe me when I say that I truly want to comply with your demands, but I cannot. Even if you are to strike me down right here and now, nothing will change.

" Alma said without a change in the look on their face, yet their tone of voice was of little emotion, speaking in a monotone that I could not gauge their true intentions.

Whether they were telling the truth, was hard to tell yet to be able to believe them felt impossible.

I watched Alma slowly shake their head, as if reading my mind.

"But even so, there is no way for you to understand is there?" They said quietly as they turn their gaze towards the void above.

"The rejection of trust; for not even the one I call my friend to be able to hear my pleading words. How thorough and cruel the restrictions you have placed upon me are, oh false god..."

"Ryuuko, that's enough! This guy is as crazy as you've said, and any chance of diplomacy is a waste of time. Just pull the goddamn trigger!" Senpai interjected.

"Pull the trigger...Pull the trigger..." As the words echoed in my mind, my entire body stiffened. Right now, in this situation, if I am to pull the trigger I would be...

taking the life of another, wouldn't I?

"Senpai. This coil gun, the batteries fired from it is no different from a normal bullet, correct?" I asked nervously.

"Huh? Yeah, more or less. If anything due to the extra charges from the coils I'm controlling, it might be even stronger."

"And if am to fire, I will kill them, won't I?"

"Positive! My scanner isn't working at full power right now, but from what I can see; that bastard in front of us is a human! Or at least, of human composition.

But even if they aren't, the coil gun would still be powerful enough to kill them regardless!"

"Oh? You were able to scan me? How embarrassing. But it has been a while since someone has deemed me a "human". How kind you are, child of sin." Alma snickered.

"Tch! Ryuuko, do it now! Kill them! Kill'em and end this nightmare once and for all!"

"Kill...so if it hits it will kill..." I repeated the words as my arm began to tremble. This person in front of me, is no doubt my enemy. This person who has destroyed my dreams, my life.

The one whom supposingly took away our world and is now threatened the safety of others within Artificial.

Yes, this person is unforgivable and if I pull the trigger, all of this will end. This should be more than enough reason to get rid of them yet...

My entire body froze as I stared through the barrel of the gun pointing towards Alma.

The condescending smile, the look of someone unworried even as an instrument of certain death is direct at them. It was baffling, that such a person could exist. Such a...person...a human being..


If I pull the trigger I will kill them.

If I pull the trigger I will kill them

If I pull the trigger I will...

"Ah..." I gasped weakly as the thoughts finally clicked in my mind. What am I doing? Holding a makeshift gun towards another person. Potentially having them await death.

What is my actual reason for doing this?

To help the President and Hideyoshi? To protect Asumi? To protect this entire world?

Yes...yes, that's right...? I'm here to protect everyone! Yes, yes, YES! To protect everyone...to protect everyone...but...

"Why?" Suddenly came a voice from the back of my mind that made me flinch.

"Why do you want to protect anybody? What makes you so special that you think you can be some hero, as if you were in some story?"

"Who are you really, to be able to decide the fate of others? What gives you the right to take the life of another...yet again."

"AAAAAAAHHHH!!" I screamed as a sudden intense pain erupted in my head. Dropping the gun and falling to my knees, I clutched my head.


"Tsk, so it's begun. But not here. Not yet."


"Sshh...child of sin, you don't belong here. Return from whence you came..."


Still writhing in pain, I weakly peeked to see the sight of Alma drawing closer. A finger was on their lips as they gently waved their right hand.

Senpai was screaming as if he was in pain but suddenly he vanished from his live chat.

"S-sen..pai!" I choked as I struggled to where the coil gun laid.


It was dead. The humming from moments ago ceased and no matter how much I pulled the trigger, nothing happened.

"No...no..." I whimpered as another intense spasm occurred and I immediately clutched my head. The pain, it felt like my head was being split apart.

A familiar feeling from before as I continued to thrash in agony on the ground, begging for it to stop.

"Painful isn't it? True memory often is..." Came a mocking voice as I peeked up to see Alma shadowing over me. A rage inducing satisfied smile was on their face, as he looked down upon me.

"Wha...what have you...done to Mitsuhide-senpai?"

"I've sent him back to the rest of the boys." Alma slyly replied as they stretch their hands out to me.

"NO! Ge-get away from me!

" I screamed desperately, still holding my head as I tried to squirm away from them, but my body immediately froze as I slowly floated to my feet as if being pulled up by an invisible string.

Alma grabbed my arm and pushed it away while with another they placed a finger on my forehead.

"Not yet, you are not allowed to take this girl!"

A feeling of impact rippled across my body as I was then released and fell back down to my knees.

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