Why I left my 'Dream Job'
Why I left my 'Dream Job' stories

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Why I left my 'Dream Job'

by Jeff Needles

"Your work is going to be a large part of your life"

the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle."

"You'll know when you find it"

- Steve Jobs

I have been fortunate

I have found **made** my "dream job" twice already, at the ripe old age of 23. This may seem silly or contradictory, but in reality, dreams often change or even fade (especially once achieved).

What mattered to me: Company, Work, People

I solidified my "dream job": "A data-focused role on the business side of a small company, preferably in tech." So I found it at TWiT.

Random Rant: Titles are pretty irrelevant to me.

At, TWiT I was a co-op, then a contractor/consultant, then a “Business Analyst” — in all my lead up conversations with our CEO Lisa, we never discussed a title. Titles shouldn't matter!

At TWiT.tv, I'd sit at the front desk, run errands etc...

until I started automating processes & talking about the business side of things. I was getting closer to graduating & knew they were interested in discussing a full-time gig.

For that version of me, the dream job has been acquired

I was working on the business-side of a small internet media company whose focus was tech. I was going to build internal data systems and automation tools. It checked all the boxes.

But dreams change. Reality sets in.

the dream job was not really fulfilling the dream anymore. Did your dream change? Did reality set in? Who wants to realize that they settled?

What was the early 2015 Jeffrey’s dream job?

It was still very similar, data-focused, internal, business-related. But I was at a crossroads: did I want to look at startups? Did I want to try again for the big tech-giants?

I feared that I would get rejected. I'd be in a slump.

And I'd end up just giving up and staying at TWiT.


I started meeting amazing people. I started being more open and public. I started sharing projects and ideas. A key driver in this was moving to SF.

I spent weeks cultivating an audience and having fun

In building MeerkatStats I learned the ins & outs of the data. I worked with the team, constantly providing feedback & support to the community. I knew it wasn’t my resume that’d land me a job.

So, I quit my job on a Monday

without a replacement lined up. In the back of my mind I thought “hey, maybe Meerkat would hire me?” I got a message asking me to come visit Meerkat on Friday and have a “conversation” with Sima

Sima: “So do you wanna come work at Meerkat?”

Jeffrey: Absolutely. We shook hands & I had realized my next dream job had been found. In watching me on Meerkat & seeing the work I’d done with MeerkatStats, she knew what she needed to know

Am I saying Meerkat is the end-all, be-all for me?

Absolutely not. I thought my role at TWiT was my dream job for a short while. Right now, I’m extremely thrilled to be doing something I love for a company I believe in.

‘Dream jobs’ are a fluid thing.

it’s important to be willing to take risks, and it’s important to find what motivates you at each stage in your life and career.

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