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joyouscellyjcIn love with poetry
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I am a woman :)

I am a woman

by joyouscellyjc

No I'm not in love with life, Neither am I a quiet homely wife

And yes I do have quite a temper, And no it isn't my habit to pamper

I hate it when people judge, hate it even more when you do, I'm not a delicacy to indulge in, I'm a human being like you

And my voice may sound pleasant if you keep me without Sorrow, But when I'm angry I'll cuss like no tomorrow

And no I won't put on a little dress to please you, Nor shower false complements to appease you

And no I won't smile and laugh for your sake, If my laughs are empty and my smiles are fake

I'm not a wallflower, I'm a sunflower my dear, Treat me right and I'll love you like no one can I swear

Give me a little respect, a thousand forth I'll give you, I won't just love you I'll live you

I'm a woman

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