Thoughts on an Island.
Thoughts on an Island. prayer stories

joycewords_23 Think too much, and feel too often.
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This is a thought provoking prayer for people who are afraid they are not doing enough or matter enough. This is for you when you feel purposeless. 

Thoughts on an Island.

Dear God, show me how to live because time is an island.  Show me how to use my hands, so I can shape a way that never moves. Show me how to eat, so I cherish this life slowly.

I am so afraid to live, that time is like a stranger who moves around me. “Pardon me, excuse me...” Dear God show me how my feet should go, teach me and move me.

We are this tiny life force, on an Infinite rope that leads to nothing. A breath in a sea of stars, a shinning facade in a ocean of dreams. We can only make things mean... Dear God give me the atoms of my existence. 

If I die before I wake, Leave my thoughts on an island.

Lord, this is my earnest prayer! Give me a voice the world can hear, through the depths of fear... -Amen

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