Just Keep Swimmin'
Just Keep Swimmin'
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joshwaldrep Community member
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Just Keep Swimmin'

Life is like the river You get in, you begin to shiver What was it that led you to get in? That is one thing you’ll never understand It feels so wrong til it’s all you know And you just keep pushing forward The waves crash against you in defense The water wants you out, that you can sense The pushback is weak, but getting strong You grow stronger too, but for how long? But you keep fighting, it’s all you know You just keep pushing forward Remember walking into water, feeling the ground Then when you couldn’t touch anywhere around You feel trapped at the surface, barely breathing You can hardly stay alive, there is no retreating So what do you do?? You do what you know You just keep pushing forward Now you just float there, resistance wanes Like you in the ocean, a thought floats through your brain You never really wondered how this journey ends You can’t really know until wash upon the sand And that is life, but it’s also all you know We call it “death” when you no longer push forward But I’m not on the shore, I’m somewhere in the middle So I keep pushing forward, Little by Little I’ll continue swimming, because you’re waiting on the shore It’s all I know

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