Launching my first Story using my Pencil.

joshenglishI don't know how to use a Pencil.
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Launching my first Story using my Pencil.

by someone named joshenglish

This is a journey into a new unknown

I come from a world inundated with LinkedIn Pulse and Why would I try something new? Well I love trying new things.

Recently I joined Anchor and Periscope

To expand my network as I launch my podcast and business, I joined these short video and audio networks. I love short bits because it makes it easier to produce and consume content.

I like to help people

Plus it helps with helping others with what they are doing while building my story! Love people!

I wish Pencil success!

I hope this is the next new way to give people short bites of media that they will enjoy and grow with.

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What are your thoughts on anchor and periscope?

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Looking forward to more posts from you!

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Thanks Josh :) Nice bio and great first post! Let me know if you have any thoughts or feedback :)