Better Days
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josevasquez23 Community member
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Expression of myself, going through some hardships trying to find some release.

Better Days

Dreaming about the days when I can sit back and relax

Have you in my arms, holding you close to my heart

Between the yelling and the screaming, the pain and the tears

Is a future for you and me? Taking down fears

Wake up from these horrific nightmares

Destroying the words that tried to bring us down

Now you know I’m no clown, I’m here for good

If I could snap and make it better I would

Cheesy but we’re ride or die

Needy, but baby it’s hard to fly

Without you by my side, I’ve said it time and time again

You know I mean every word

I know you heard, listened and read every line

I write and write what spews out of my mind

Just a place for my expression, living on the verge of depression

Never question, or contemplate life because you make it right

But it’s hard to fight through this pain

All I can do is pray for better days

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