A Vision that Last the Journey (Synopsis+Charater's Debut) Act 1
A Vision that Last the Journey (Synopsis+Charater's Debut) Act 1 script stories

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A Vision that last the Journey Act. 1

A Vision that Last the Journey (Synopsis+Charater's Debut) Act 1

Ace Galaxon – Despite lack of showing emotions, he is very honest with his words. He is also stubborn and only prioritize himself in recalling his past memories.

Emily Lane – Most of the time she is mistaken to be a very serious person due to her natural voice and the alignment of her eyebrows which tends to illustrate a frowning face but deep down she is the total opposite. Also very responsible with her duties.

Gerard Allister – A very knowledgeable person. He is the personal butler of Ace since he was still a child. When it comes to any situations he is always calm and relax.

Synopsis: The Act begins with Ace wakes up inside a vintage car and he was told that he'll be re-visiting a familiar place that created so much memories in the past.

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