The inevitable trail to wicked acception
The inevitable trail to wicked acception stories
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My tragedy I call a life.

The inevitable trail to wicked acception

It keeps coming, asking me, “Do you finally accept it?”

I push it away and continue feeling, I can’t give in to it

It’s ironic, I said I’d do anything, take any option

While it’s staring me in the face

I pretend it’s not there, I desperately search for other options

Looking in every corner and crevice, the search goes on

I believe I’m beginning to go mad, for I know full well

There is nothing to be found

If I accept it, I will cease to exist

So, I keep running away

I will not accept it, for the cost is too pricey

And the consequences bring me profound uneasiness and fear

My adrenalines on overdrive, no time for rest

It can’t catch up to me so compelling is my fear

But I cannot escape it, for its terror is too great

If I accept it, I’ll surely disperse from life

My eyes with only a speck of life will certainly die

My heart that longs to disappear will finally get its wish

My emotions battered and bruised

They cannot take much more, they’d soon escape

Running away from me

Then my author truly would’ve written a tragedy

And… it seems my resolve is fading

My reasons to fight have vanished

My inner turmoil, my last tie

Is this my reality?

Must I accept this?

Is this inevitable

Must life regret this?

I’m not ready for death to embrace me

I’m not ready for tragedy

But again, it appears

Asking, “Are you ready to accept this?”

I cannot run, so this time walk

More desperate than ever before

I’m not ready for tragedy

My hearts heavy

My eyes have shriveled, using every ounce of every strength

To deny it

I’m not ready for tragedy

But then it strikes, it stabs me in the chest

I’m eternally shocked

It hurts, is this my reality?

All fight in me has perished

It asks once more, “Are you ready to accept it?”

I cave in

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