For The Love Of Pancakes
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jordundundun25516, a sophomore, my wattpad is Catty2557
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A pancakes story.

For The Love Of Pancakes

by jordundundun255

Well, I am a pancake... As you may or may not know

I am here every morning and then I'm not. A little game Logan and Mag play. See who has to make me....

I love Mag but the pancake Gods only know that she always burns me.

Logan in the other hand makes me nice and fluffly as he is right now... He always mixes me with such kindness and love makes me extra sweet too.

I may or may not be a sassy pancake. I don't do the whole lovey dove thing. You will brush your teeth before you eat me or you will choke I will make sure if it.

I refuse to go into a filthy mouth every morning. Logan and Mag know this but it seems as though no matter how many times the d-bag Roman gags or chokes or nearly hacks his lungs up he still...

Doesn't get it. I have to be enveloped in his stink and then swallowed. As a said I'm not the nicest of pancakes so a lot of times he ends up puking so much he stomach lining begs for mercy

I usually stop then because rach is a good friend of mine and I hate to see her in pain. I wonder who's eating me this morning....

Ha speak of the devil and he shall appear. Damn Roman. I really do hope he brushed his teeth. That god awful smell is enough to have someone cringing for days.

Hmm. My time is coming to an end but don't be discouraged I will be back tomorrow. Roman on the other hand may not be if he didn't wash his filthy trap.

Okay well its been fun my dearies... Let's just see how this goes I've been flipped into the bastards plate. ...."Hmm yummy thanks man".

If I could only roll my eyes. Sadly pancakes don't have those. Any who he clearly did not brush his teeth yet and he will regret it once more. This is it we must part. And I must make Roman choke

That sounded dirty haha a pancake with a dirty sense of humor who would've thought..... Goodbye now see you tomorrow morning my friends.

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