The highest shelf
The highest shelf  happiness stories

jordandheer Community member
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The highest shelf

Everyday I feel sad

Its driving me mad

I dont want to kill myself

I'm just trying to reach happiness, but it's on the highest shelf

I can't reach it yet, I'm too small

So here I am staring at my wall

Thinking of ways to get to it

Without getting hit with dissapointment of not being able to reach it

Getting hit in my face

It feels like a race

What if i don't reach it in time

And happiness will never be mine

How I'm longing for that feeling

But here I am staring at my ceiling

Not knowing how to go on

Hoping to fall asleep before dawn

But I won't quit

It will be worth it

Because someday I will reach the highest shelf

And I can finally be my true self

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