Who’s coming with me?
Who’s coming with me? poet stories

jonrossfreely Community member
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Pack your bags. It’s time to depart.

Who’s coming with me?

Who’s gonna ride my tattered coat tails to the very tip top of rock bottom?

Whoever it is, hope they have a good grip but know how to let go of a problem.

Rock bottom’s been fun but I gotta run, I surely have worn out my welcome.

A bomb is tick tockin under them rocks n’ I won’t be here when that hell comes

There isn’t much time and I’m in a bind, I’ve been told my fuses are short.

Grab on tight as you can, my number one fan, I’m not really the type to abort.

When we reach the peak, we’ll grab us a seat and soak in the glow of destruction.

Are you coming with me, if not please forgive me, I suck at the art of seduction.

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