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jonathansparrow Community member
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Note for all you (especially girls) our there reading this. I almost lost my little sister, Diane, to this problem and I want to prevent it. Share if possible.

Stalkers Online.

How many girls this month alone have been kidnapped, murdered, ect due to some stalker who took their hearts? Then, maybe, even their lives for the thrill of taking it?

The answer: Countless.

Every country has it's problems (I know, I've been there). America, England, Germany, France, Italy, all of the places with wifi, phones, and data have the same problems.

Kidnappings. Murderers targeting girls online. Stalkers. Blackmailers. Unmentionable things for any audience with decency.

The Stalkers Online watch, and wait for a new victim to fall into their trap.

They use bribes, taunts, flirting, and sweet words to lure them in.

The ones that fall into the Stalkers' trap, very seldom come back out.

Keep this in mind next time you have a conversation with someone online on Tinder, FaceBook, Twitter, or whatever you have....

You could be the next target.

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