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jonahhotaling Community member
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remember everything and forget nothing.


They play back in your head like you’re in a cinema

Watching them makes you feel as if it happened for the first time again

The good The bad Every and all emotions As you peer into your past and remember

Forgetting is only temporary, because nothing is ever truly forgotten until it’s too late

I remember it all...

When you said you loved me. Needed me.

When you said you wanted to marry me. Be with me forever.

When you said you still loved him. And that I wasn’t enough.

When you let me forgive you and live with this torture for months. And when you finally ended things because of what you did.

I remember it all...

The way you smiled on a rainy day, and how you got sad when the snow melted away.

When you’d ask me to read my poetry to you, to help you fall asleep, and the way you’d look at me when our talks would get too deep.

The times you would hit me and hurt me. Abuse me... And then you’d hurt yourself after realizing what you’ve done.

I remember my bruises, the scratches, the tears, and the pain. I remember the love, the happiness, and the days filled with rain.

I remember it all.

Now someone else can clean your stain.

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