Art, as Viewed by the Helping Hand
Art, as Viewed by the Helping Hand art stories

jojojello if you know who I am, could you show me?
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A train of thought about the creation of art.

Art, as Viewed by the Helping Hand

I often wonder what it must be like to be able to create

Musicians, painters, cinematographers, designers, photographers, actors; artists.

The ability to create emotion must be cherished.

I wonder if they always understand what it is they do.

I am a reader, not a writer Though I will say that writing is a different type of creation.

Where visuals and sounds inspire feeling,

words inspire thought.

The creation of emotion from the thought comes from the mind of the reader.

But art—

Art shows you how to feel

I am no artist.

I am no creator.

I am, occasionally, someone who shares words.

I am, more often, a helping hand. A support for creators turning their ideas into art.

But what I like to be most of all is an audience.

If only I were less unique

If only I were less unique, then I might find art about me

since I cannot create it myself.

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