The Fear
The Fear abuse stories

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The final virus verse addition. Not everyone has it so lucky. What would you do if you lived with your abuser. Would you kill them?

The Fear

I thought I was free. The ban was lifted and then all of a sudden, we were on lockdown again. I was supposed to be free of him. If school started up again, if we were allowed to go outside, I wouldn't be stuck in hell.

Every night my father lurks outside of my room. "Come out, Dickie, you can't stay in there forever," he would taunt. I could hide forever. I don't want to ever face him again. And I don't have to. I only go out of my room when he's asleep.

We got a letter in the mail saying that everything would return back to normal and that the power outage was just a part of keeping everyone home.

It got normal. For a little while.

I'm not even afraid of the virus anymore. If it killed me it killed me. Only problem is, if I did escape, he would still be able to find me. He would get the police involved or even come after me himself. I don't think I can even go out though. If anyone was caught outside, they would be arrested.

I don't know how I managed to stay away from him this long. Before I could barely go a day without being on the receiving end of his heavy hand. He would only stop beating me because I could go out. Who's going to see the bruises?

I thought the only way out is to hurt him. Something that would put him in his place and fear me. I'm a small kid. I didn't think I could hurt him. Maybe I could poison him. Just enough to make him sick and have him know that I was behind it all.

I had to come up with something and fast. I couldn't stand another day listening to "Where's my baby boy? I just want to have fun."

One day, early morning, I knew I had to act. I was going to trip him. I heard him outside of my room. "Come out and play, Dickie," he called. "You've been in there for a while."

I swallowed hard and squeezed my eyes shut. I couldn't stand his voice. I knew the moment the door opened he would be after me, but I knew I had to do it.

When I opened the door, everything happened so quickly. He reached for me and snatched a hold of my shirt. I slipped out of his grip and ran towards the stairs.

"Get back here you little brat!" he shouted and chased after me. I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

I ran towards the stairs and he was close behind me. In the moment it seemed like my plan had been thrown out the window. I slipped on the hardwood floor and hit the ground hard.

I felt his foot hit my back and I curled up in a tight ball, thinking at first that he was attacking me but then I heard loud thuds on the stairs.

Slowly I lifted my head and looked down, seeing my father at the bottom with his head at an odd angle. I carefully walked down to him and nudged him with my foot.

He was dead.

I turned and carefully went back up to my room. My father was dead, and I was finally free from his torment.

The virus was the only thing keeping me locked away now. I hoped that they would lift the ban soon otherwise he would start to smell.

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