Sinking in the Walls
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johnnykguy Atmosphere, emotions, development.
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Fear of abandonment is like being trapped in a chasm of paintings of people you once knew, and currently know, wondering where their true colors lie.

Sinking in the Walls

Buried in these synthetic walls

All these faces showing me purpose

They're painted in monochrome lies after all

True colors bleeding through the matte surface

Am I running free, or running from the past

Deception is imminent, I still see the shadows cast

Changing with these darker seasons

I'm battling my own treason

I am lost, deep within the chasms

Of once forgotten dreams I cannot fathom

And memories of all the people who faded

I held them close, all the years I waited

Just when I thought I knew it all

Suddenly, I've been sinking in the walls

A new departure made it's mark

Stretching thin, until i become the fabric in the dark

The sanctuary gets darker every day

Fading in the melancholy shade

I've lost the words to say

Wondering who's taking part in the masquerade

Saving face, or saving grace, where's the truth in this place

Deep within the sands, I cannot find a trace

The walls are crumbling, I can hear the rattles

Clenching up my fists for the overwhelming battle

The faceless walking in a line

Wondering who will scar this heart of mine

They want me running in the dark

I stop at the light, because I can't see without a spark

I'm still haunted by faces of seasons past

Traded out in the hiding space, I know it never lasts

Every time someone tries to reach out a hand

So uninvested, they don't understand

Looking back now, I realize

The space between us is so polarized

This is just a trap I fell in

This place isn't my home

Climbing to reach the dawn, to free myself from this hole

Can't afford to fall back in, now I have control

I dug myself out of the trenches, now I see

What it's like to embrace my worst enemy

It was me

It was me

It was me

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