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Forever 21 Life has taken me on some amazing journeys

Anywhere But Here

Forever 21

Life has taken me on some amazing journeys

Ran into some people who hurt me

Burned me

Will I forgive them at this moment?

Or push it to the side till I'm 30

Just got off the phone with my mother

She gets tired of me thanking her every day

When I was 2 she plucked me and my sister out gutter

We had our downfalls

Bad days and rough days

But I wouldn't dare

Throw that all away

For her cake day

Gave her some jewelry and TV

That was as almost tall as me

It made feel good doing something for someone else

Cause that's what my mother has pushed into me

Since I was 3

Thank you in every way Angela Renée

You weren't the softest of people

But you're intimidating nature

Help shade away the evil

Help me accept the fact

That forever I would be the size of a beagle

Lil dog with a big bark

I push the boundaries to the fullest they're allowed

Because that's the way I'll leave my mark

I have poems for days

So my words will never leave you

I have to get it right the 1st time

Because in life there are no re-dos

I've built myself up to be a mystery to some

Because it's no fun being see through

Everyone can have the same glasses you

But you still can't control how they see you

My head gets longer

And my vision gets worse

But does that mean I see you differently

As my vision evolves from 20/70

Get well soon Karmy

Get Well Soon Ms. Stephanie

I value my friendships as I get older

Cause my tears need tissues

Or a shoulder

To drip on

If I die tomorrow I have my 2 dogs to help me live on

All I have to do is cook em some bacon and eggs

They're too spoiled to eat bones

Bad to the bone

You know you have a problem

When there's no peace in your home

Free Rocky Please Free Rocky

Chunky and Skip are trapping out her house

And Skip’s grandkids are naughty

She may have given birth to me

But she never burped me

God bless her

I still consider her like a cousin

So I guess the details are whatever

If I'm supporting too many people

Will the stress put me on a stretcher?

Dr. Williams

Please save me from this deranged derogatory

I wouldn't have made it without Japera

She's an interesting piece to my story

I want the very best for her and my cast of my friends

They come before I or me

Thank God and my Granny Weezy

Those are my confidants and my hierarchy

My granny taught me

That grudges shouldn't be kept

But not everyone will lead you down the right path

So you have to be aware of surroundings and watch steps

Watch toes that you step on

Watch bridges that you burn

F your best friend and mine

Lil Johnny had to learn

I'll never have any respect for Erin

No matter how the pages turn

I'll swallow my pride

And she'll swallow sperm

I make sure I wash my hands around her

Cause genitalia is the main place where you pick up germs

Without any respect

There's no nothing

And I have a valid explanation

If my reasoning ever gets summoned

F her

Poor Whitney gets caught in the middle of all this

She gets me

But I can tell she doesn't like it

I rather not put her in a place to choose sides

So my attacks and facts are rare and quiet

How long can I fight

The feeling of wanting to fight Erin

3 years and she still hasn't given me my $1,400

That's the main reason she can't quit staring

She's wrong

But it's whatever

One day I'll just get fed up

And get her

Anyone but her

I talked about her enough the last time

Why talk about her when I got

Whitney, Japera, and Karmy that I call mine

Japera texted me yesterday and apologized

I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes

Why was she apologizing for being a good compadre?

In the 2 years, I've known her

She's done nothing but be down for D'Andre

21 last Saturday

But since I turned 20 I've been a savage

Poetry is my art form

IPhone notes is my palate

Every day is Valentine’s Day

Every day should be treated like a ballad

N'importe ou mais ici

There's more to me than you’ll ever see

Even if you have bifocals

Me being anti-social is hormonal

Grandma Johnny's surgery was a success

But she still needs to have her affairs together

But that's up to her

I'm not gonna stress

RIP Grandpa Jerry, Cousin T-Pickett, and Erik

RIP D Stokes

I'll be OK with dying tomorrow

Along I don't die alone or die broke

RIP Eric Tellis

RIP Dino, Detez, and Savannah

I drunk one Maui Margarita for my 21st birthday

The rest of the night for me was filled with Fanta

I have to stay aware and awake

Cause family is the 1st to join enemies

Thick'ems Bre

Had to lay hands on this one B

If the girl's friend wasn't in the way

She would have required surgery

Nice people can't remain nice

Cause a generous person can be filled with Derby Pie

And the ornery people will take advantage and take a slice

Jump On Happiness

Never Neglect Yourself

I rather you have in life

Then have wads and wealth

On the road to being old

Sometimes the car to Calvary gets hard to steer

I'm driving driving

Almost near

To my destination to Anywhere But Here

3 car wrecks in 9 months

Riding shotgun isn’t fun

Those dang Chinese people

Hit us on my side on Derby

Seeing my car like that in t\hat state hurt me

For the year and a half

Creamy the Car served her purpose

Gave her a new alternator, starter, tires, brake lines, door, and thermos

So young so bright

Why did she give up her life?

She thought of others before herself

She cried out for help

Pretty, intelligent, smart

The list goes on

Her soul will always live on

No one can understand

Why she disappeared from this land

We love her

She is still with us in our hearts

Our feelings are open and not in the dark

Devoted and committed all of the above

Filled with a big heart and lots of love

A sister and a friend

Her heart we can’t mend

We will see you soon

In another land above

Yes I’m still talking about Creamy the Car

She’s just more important than a lot of y'all are

One day you'll understand what I see

One day you'll go through what

I have gone through

I think you will love me then

I think then you will care for me

Tomorrow you will care for me

Next week I will love you

This month I will hate you

And next month you will hate me

But today I despise you

Because you hurt me

You lied

I found out and confronted you

Then you did

The unthinkable

One day you will understand

Why it is I cry

But today isn't the day you understand why it is I cry

When you yell and raise your hands

Does this make me less of a man?

But till then I will cry because of what you did

My tears are escaping from their prison bid

I almost cried when my daddy told me he loved me

It’s one thing to hear it from a friend or a buddy

This is my pops of all people

At a young age he was separated from me

I hate the Kentucky court systems

But I couldn’t miss him

Because you can’t miss what you never had

But this time around Dontay Dunaway isn’t getting away

I can’t remember a time where I had a mom and a dad

A Jessye and Chelsea

They’ve helped me

Reached this pinnacle

I’m all for giving credit where it’s due

So I have to at least distribute a little

Pray for Ms. Stephanie

Prayers also need to go to Cedric

I wasn’t always the smartest in the room

But I could be the most smart Elec

Aboulic agency

Pray for JadeB

That’s my peoples

And life is crazy

But Jade B is G

I’ll always have faith in you

Even if I don’t have faith in me

Who invented family trees?

Some days I feel like breaking a couple branches off mine

Are Aunties really aunties?

Are favorite cousins really mine

Cousin Karenton is divine

I remember we used to play with her Polly Pockets

And any other dolls we could find

Then me and my sister would take turns riding on Karenton's scooter

Cousin Courtney was like Angelica

So we always came out as losers

I like going over Karenton's house

Cause she had that good toilet paper Charmin

I would stay on the toilet for like an hour

Cause the soft cotton against my bottom was warming

But the soft and good times don’t last forever

Uncle Jerome's death was alarming

I didn’t go to his funeral

So of course I heard my family jarring

They pour out their anger

Pour my heart out to you in writing

I tell you my feelings from inside

I pray these words are to your liking

Because with them I threw out my pride

How can I tell you I love you?

When you seem to never hear me

How will you know my feelings are true?

If you'll not open your heart to see

But I'll continue on forever

Not only with words, but with my heart as well

I'm sure one day you'll understand

Because my love for you is so real

My love for you

Is the same of what husbands do?

I Love you being the words I'll forever say

I put up walls around me so that others couldn't see

Just how much I was hurting

And just how much I needed thee

Blamed the Lord for anything that had went wrong

I said He wrecked my family and took away my brother and sister

I said He knew I hated Rocky at the time

But why take away what’s mine

But then one day the hurt became so clear

He said, “John I must do this so you'll be strong without fear

I did not understand it then nor do I understand it now

I see little bits and pieces and wonder

God just how

How do you plan to make this shipwrecked life of mine complete

How do you plan to put this work together and to make it neat?

We are so small right now, but soon we'll understand

Maybe through Erik’s death and Briana’s hiatus

One soul had gotten saved

I’m 21 now

It’s time to be brave

It’s time to realize that Whitney and Kenneisha

Won’t be looked at as amazing in everyone eyes

F A Best-friend and F your eyesight

Jalyn is that cold bottle of Pepsi

And Jade and Karmy are cold Sprites

Alongs they have Johnny they’ll have light

They’ll have my passion

We don’t have to wearing the same clothes

But our love will be matching

They understand me

And the understanding is everlasting

Anywhere But Here

Everywhere in those who don’t like me thoughts and heart

On the road to understatement

I’ve warmed up the car so let’s start

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