#1 - BATNA
16 secrets for 16 year-old-me stories

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If I could write a letter to myself in Sophomore year of high school, what would it say?


#1 - BATNA

Best alternative to negotiated agreement: Get what you want by having competing options

#2 - Take (smart) risks

No stakes, no point. Take a long position if you agree, short if not.

#3 - Understand how we got to today

Read these books: The Box - Marc Levinson (2006); Bobos in Paradise, David Brooks (2000); The Wealth and Poverty of Nations, David Landes (1998);

#4 - Diaphragm breathing

Improves Mood, Focus, Sleep, Energy

#5 -Start small and build up

Like a snowball

#6 - Get good at asking for help

Show you've done your homework and you'll get priceless air support (Tim Ferriss/Ramit Sethi techniques work best)

#7 - Chelsea boots

#8 - Healthy daily AM ritual

Suggested: black unsweetened coffee every AM. Pour your own or go to same cafe

#9 - Discover how things really work

Economics: R. Shiller, M. Lewis, T. Sowell, P. Graham (with dash of salt) Media/Politics: James C Scott, Edward J Epstein, Robert Caro Finance/CS: Mentors + Professors Crackpot blogs: No

#10 - Learn how to move well

More efficient path to strength/power/endurance than getting big Prevent painful, expensive, and sometimes permanent injuries (Egoscue Method or Feldenkrais)

#11 - Simplify

Black Shirt most days (you're not Jobs, go V-neck

#12 - Barber

Your 2nd best friend after...

#13 - Tailor

Fit as proxy for details awareness

#14 - Silence is a life hack

#15 - Ace standardized tests

Key to $cholarship/Admission (If this fails, take a gap year)

#16 - Play Music

Meditation + Brain exercise + Sexy Simple to get started via Youtube

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