The Bane of the Forsaken
The Bane of the Forsaken love stories

johnclay Maybe life is beautiful
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There is no taste of love if you have shared the feeling too many times.

The Bane of the Forsaken

The curtains in front of my eyes blind me from the daylight that cast these shadows that I let persuade me. Do not let me change your opinion of what I once told the world I was.

For I am no man to give you a glimpse of my heart but instead throw your thoughts away for a kiss without meaning.

Swallow my pride and leave to wallow in peace in my pain that I have forsaken on me.

If it was not for the weight and nature of the curtains that drape before me, would we not be in this everlasting circle.

Take my heart with a grain of salt for I am not sure that there is but a hole inside my chest where my heart should lay.

Give me no mercy as the wind whistles through my ears followed by the everlasting ring of one last gunshot that takes the pain with the memories.

For I am mistaken in my troubles and you are forsaken in my heart.

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