Tough Enough
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Tough Enough

by johnchang

When I was young, newly arrived in this country..

My parents tried using our relatives address..

So I could go to a better school in a better district..

But I didn't know this and one day..

The school secretary asked me for our address..

She tried to correct me but I insisted she was wrong..

Embarrassed, my parents took me home..

And I was moved to a school in our rougher neighborhood..

The next day a tough kid, smaller than me..

Saw how I was weak and struck.

I was in shock - why did he attack? What had I done?

Nothing, of course.

Bullies attack the weak.

They're just playing out the natural order of things.

Later, that night my parents blamed me..

"Disgraceful.. letting someone smaller pick on you!"

So, I numbed my feelings..

When I saw the kid again, I tried to run..

But it didn't matter, of course..

He caught me, and continued to harass me..

Because I was weak and different.

And he was strong and more like everyone else.

Years later, a girl shared her tearful story of being..


I understood what she felt.. but I showed nothing..

Because now I was strong enough..

..or maybe I just felt nothing.

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