Letters from Camp (1st)
Letters from Camp (1st) story stories

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Letters from Camp (1st)

by johnchang

Some things seem crazy - if you don't see them for yourself

Looks like studying German is finally paying off -

especially since it doesn't look like I'll be going to medical school anytime soon!

Behind one of the wall panels was a letter hidden away..

"Maybe this will end up in the hands of the German soldiers

I don't care. I need to tell my story."

"My name is Katrina. I'm a 16 year old girl from Poland..

I have a little brother Samuel half my age..

..and a kitten named Mittens with white spots on his paws..

Most of my life was just like any other girl's..

That is, until they sent our family to these prison camps.

Now I am number 39933."

The next day I found another letter.

Had I somehow missed this one? ..but how they get here?

..When we're the first prisoners of Stalag Luft III?

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