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johnchang just a man discovering his superpowers
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Less is More

by johnchang

Worried about how her different her sons were turning out..

A mother took them to see a therapist.

First, the counselor saw the pessimistic brother -

Watching him walk into a room full of toys,

..the man was surprised to see the boy start crying

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like playing with toys?”

asked the puzzled counselor.

“Sure,” said the child. “But then they’ll only break!”

Hoping to make the optimistic brother more realistic,

The therapist took him to a barn full of horse manure.

But instead of a look of disgust or a turn of the nose,

The young boy squealed with delight and dove into the pile.

Confused, the therapist asked what the boy was doing.

“With all this poop, gotta be a pony under here somewhere!"

"All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence,

and then success is sure." - Mark Twain

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