The Burning Sea of Anguish
The Burning Sea of Anguish romance stories

john_galt Community member
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I have a dear friend; a beautiful girl who I love very much. I have a romantic affection for her, even though I wish to remain friends with her. Her beauty and wonderful soul are the inspiration for this poem.

The Burning Sea of Anguish

My ship is broken by the storm, My body void of strength and vigor, My spirit crushed by the weight of the world. My wreckage floats on the eternal ocean which is depleted of all hope and joy.

As I approach a distant lighthouse I realize on spur of moment that it is your beauty; your fire; Your polished glow that steers me to the white shore.

The mighty waves show no mercy, Punching me again and again. Nothing but the memory of your grace sustains my will. And my will is unbending iron.

My lungs are burning in this sea of anguish, The water distorts the shapes and sounds. Life threatens to leave this shattered vessel, But your light keeps my heart beating and makes me truthfully unafraid.

I desperately desire your touch, To hold you close to my chest. You have the face of an angel, Your eyes the brightest of stars. I allow no sea to rob me of my jewel.

I crawl up the pearly beach, The tide lashing against my back. I rise to embrace you in my heavy arms. I wish never to let you go; So great is my heart’s longing.

I look into your sparkling eyes, The mirrors of your joyful soul. Your beauty rivals the sight of the rising dawn behind me: You light up my entire world.

I have no doubt, my love, that you are sent from above by the majesty of Heaven as the crown of Creation: The last remnant of Eden.

I reach out for your youthful hand; Soft and fair as the purest water. Your warmth flows into my icy veins. My heart beats like an erratic drum, A volcanic eruption of joy and relief.

My mouth meets your cherry lips, Tongues dancing to the same tune. I love you more than life itself; I feel it in the deepest chamber of my weeping heart.

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