Little Heart
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joeyhusk And The Pain Poured From His Fingers
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So many hearts, so much pain, not enough warm caring hands to embrace them.

Little Heart

Little heart why do you bleed?

A gentle touch you surely need.

Cold and dark, the world may be,

Yet you've not seen, all there is to see.

Your soul it quivers beneath my gaze,

Broken and torn, lost in a haze.

Let me be the light that helps you see,

Take my hand and I'll set you free.

Whispers are empty, and talk cheap,

But sometimes the best things in life require a leap.

A leap of faith into your fear,

I call your name, and hope you hear.

I long to hold you, breathe in your soul,

Know every inch, my only goal.

Every freckle, every scar,

I want to know all that you are.

Tell me your secrets, show me your sorrow,

Life is short, we're not guaranteed a tomorrow.

So close your eyes and let me in,

If we're not willing to lose, how can we ever win?

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