ouch - under the bed
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ouch - under the bed

by joelysdalton

Sit with me, guarantee I'll over-share Then in your head I’m not even there

I hang onto every word you say it’s just the way this operates.

The chances evade me I always see them coming

but I don’t let them meet me

-- I won’t let that eat me

The cliff of my throat is sore for tears in the interest of reaping the benefits

of you not caring about me -- you don’t care about me

I'm awfully close to wanting to beg ‘God please change it, you won’t regret it’ But it’s alright, I’ll just sit tight

and wait for something to fall in my lap that doesn't evoke: 'How did you hurt like that?'

(Push the ouch under the bed // Right below my tired head A dreamcatcher will counteract // All the apathy you’ve said)

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