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Surrounded by anger and frustrations along with sadness,a broken man goes through a challenging mental state, after his beloved wife of 6 years cheats and leaves him for another.

I loved her. I loved her with all my heart. I loved that woman so much that I, myself would put my life on the line to make sure she has everything that beautiful little heart desires.

I ignored all the rumors, I ignored everything negative that anyone ever spoke of her. She was my everything....NO... she still is my everything. She's always been my everything. Nyx.

The name I live off of. Nyx. The woman of my dreams. Nyx. The woman I love. I can't go on without you. Why did you break my fragile heart. Was I not enough?.

Did I not do enough? My heart, its aching, begging for mercy, to be free of this agonizing pain. I thought that we were meant for each other.

I thought that we always thought of no other, but each other. I never thought you would leave me for him. Leave me alone to bare the pain, for that man. Agni. The name I despise. Agni.

The man that stole my wife. Agni. The man I want dead. He doesn't deserve her. He never did. What does he have that I do not? What can someone like him give her that I can not? NOTHING!!.

No man can give that woman what she needs, other than me.

I pace around the room. The room that use to be ours.....NO!. The room that is still ours together. The room that my wife shall return to and be nothing but mine until the day we die.

It was in the vows..... It was in our vows. How could she lie on that majestic day. Our wedding day. The day we swore that we would spend nothing less than eternity together.

Such a magnificent memorable day.

I can't go on without you. I can't go on without you. Can't go on without you. I won't go on without you. I refuse to go on without you. I will never go on without you. You must return to me.

Nyx you must. I can't wait for you..... I cannot hide in this room waiting for you. I must go get you, YES!!...I must retrieve my wife. The love of my life.

I must return her to her rightful home. Here with me. With no one else but me.

I begin to pace faster and faster, back and forth, left to right. I must go find my wife and bring her home. Prove to her how much I love her.

Does that make me crazy? NO! It makes me a MAN. A man who loves his wife dearly. I must go find her and bring her home.

My heart is sinking. She doesn't want me. She doesn't need me. She doesn't love me. Why should I go chasing her just to get hurt? Why love a woman who doesn't love me? WHY?!?!? .........

Why does love hurt? Why does this love torment me? Why does this love tear me down? Why does love feel this way? My legs begin to slow down. My eyes begin to construct tears.

My face begins to turn red. I cry. I cry and cry and cry. For hours it seems. How could she leave me? How could she leave me? I loved that woman. I gave her everything I had. I gave her a house.

A car. A loving husband. And even a child. A exquisite baby boy. A baby that is now in the arms of... That MAN. The man that has successfully taken everything from me.

The man who has taken my will to live. The man that has won my wife's heart. The man who has conquered my life. My happiness. My everything.

I have nothing. I have absolutely nothing. Why shall I live? Why shall I breath on this earth, knowing that I am nothing without her?.....

Knowing that I will never again see her face or my sons. Knowing that Nyx has found someone new. Someone who will love her. Someone who will cherish her. Someone who will never do her wrong.

I do not deserve her..... No... I do not. I have failed as a husband , as a father. I have failed her. I have failed him. I am nothing. I do not deserve to live.

What is a man, if he cannot satisfy his own wife. If he can not take care of his own son. His own flesh and blood. His own heir. He who cannot, is no longer a man. He is no longer a man.

No longer a person. No longer worthy to live. As my hands tremble I reach under the bed from where I sit crying. My hand grabs the cursed box. The box I swore to never open.

The box I swore to never use, only to keep, as a warning. Opening the box I grab the black object. Its cold to the touch. Forcing shivers down my body.

The tears begin to flow again, much more frequent, much faster.

I am a failure, I am a failure, I am a failure. I do not deserve happiness. I do not deserve to live. Not without you..... Not without my Nyx.

What did I do wrong? What did I mess up?Why am I not together with you? Why am I not the one you hold at night?Why am I not the one you make endless love to?

Why am I not the man who shall raise our son?.....Why?......I can't go on without you. I can't ... I can't go on without. I can't go on without you. I never want to go on without you by my side.

My hand begins to ascend, holding tightly onto the black object. I can feel its cold touch right above my ear. There is nothing left for me here. There is nothing left for me in this world.

I never thought for one second she would take a different attraction to someone else. We were so happy together. I remember that day. The day I met you. The day we danced in the sun.

The day we first kissed, and the day we made love for the first time. Those are the days I shall forever keep deep within my heart...... I Love You Nyx. I love you and our son.

I will never forget those beautiful eyes. With those luscious lips. And that perfect body. With that melody voice, and that smooth silky hair. I love you..... I will always love you.

I will always want you. You are my one and matter matter.....wh.......

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