Draco Malfoy was on a mission to find out why Odessa O'Maury kept sneaking out of Hogwarts at night.

Draco Malfoy was on a mission to find out why Odessa O'Maury kept sneaking out of Hogwarts at night.

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A loud bang startled many students at Hogwarts and a flash of light lit up the night sky. Something has fallen from the heavens down into the lake below. Harry Potter and his crew at Hogwarts have a lot of exploring to do to find out what this mystery presence is.

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Draco Malfoy was on a mission to find out why Odessa O'Maury kept sneaking out of Hogwarts at night.

"That bloody Ravenclaw has been sneaking out of Hogwarts all this time!" Draco said to Goyle and Crabbe.

Also at night Draco heard a song being played within a bright light. This was a beautiful soul wrenching song, and it woke him up at night. It had been going on for quite some time.

Where was this music coming from and why was Odessa O'Maury allowed to sneak out of Hogwarts without Argus Filch or Mrs. Norris bating an eyelash?

That bloody cat was the biggest snitch of Hogwarts, yet Odessa was able to sneak out every night?

Draco had questions, and he needed answers.

Draco thought it was time to just ask Odessa this question himself. He waited for O'Maury to come back from wherever she was sneaking off to.

And he stopped her before she had a chance to go into her suite. "You there! Wait right where you are!" Draco demanded. "I have a question."

"Yes?" She replied back in a timid voice.

"Odessa O'Maury, why are you always sneaking out of Hogwarts at night?"

"I mean just look at you, you're dripping water all over the place. Where have you been?" He asked her.

"Well?" Draco demanded an answer.

As Odessa watched him in silence for a moment longer., Draco insisted on knowing."Come on with it now, tell me." "Mind your own business, Draco Malfoy." Odessa finally said back to him.

"Mind my own business?" Draco replied back to her with a shocked expression.

Did she really just say that to him? How dare she! That was not the answer Draco wanted to hear.

"How dare you talk back to me that way. Wait until my father and the professors hear about this! There will be no more of you sneaking out! I promise you that..... You......." " "

Draco planned to expose her of her deeds to the professors once and for all. She couldn't do whatever the hell she wanted at Hogwarts. Who did she think she is? Hogwarts had rules that weren't meant to be broken.

So one particular night Draco Malfoy followed her without her knowing.

He followed her deep into the forest. When he soon came to a clearing in the woods, he moved closer, crawling on his hands and knees.

And there he had a better view of the lake behind Hogwarts.

That's when he heard the same song being played within the bright light.

And within that light, that's when he saw her.

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