A Light at Hogwarts
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A loud bang startled many students at Hogwarts and a flash of light lit up the night sky. Something has fallen from the heavens down into the lake below. Harry Potter and his crew at Hogwarts have a lot of exploring to do to find out what this mystery presence is.

A Light at Hogwarts

CHAPTER 1: A Light at Hogwarts “Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. - Sarah Williams

Throughout the day many students observed falling flecks of fire as they trained out on the field testing their broomsticks. They observed this as they sat high up from the ground.

“What were those sparks of light falling down behind Hogwarts like that?” Harry asked aloud.

“I don’t know.” Ron said.

“It could be a meteor breaking off in the atmosphere.” Hermione suggested. “I’ve always wanted to see that and a solar eclipse. I never seen one before. But I like to one day for sure.”

“I heard if you look at a total eclipse for more than 20 seconds without the proper use of glasses, it will burn your retina and could blind you permanently.” Longbottom said as he joined in their conversation.

Malfoy came floating on his broomstick and snidely remarked to all four of them. “Well, I’d take blindness over seeing another Mudblood enter this school.”

In class everyone was curious about what they had seen moments ago. Hermione raised her hand eagerly. "Yes, Granger?" Dumbledore asked her. "What were those lights in the sky?" She asked him.

"I'll explain." Dumbledore then said.

Dumbledore wanted to give them a deeper explaining of what they saw and how powerful these lights in the sky were to both the magic world and the muggle world.

During class Dumbledore explained how these lights were divine protection from up above, and that this only happened when the black light was able to escape from the Vortex of the black hole; the white light was sent out to bring it back.

“As both this dark light and white light fought with their swords clashing blades into one another, the wail of earth could be heard below, praying for protection. The fight would ensue and sparks of fire would break off into tiny flecks and of fire would fall back to earth. "

"The white light must try to fight the dark light and wean it back to the Vortex of the black hole, close enough so the black hole’s hand will grasp it and bring it back, so it may not escape again. "

"You see students every place has darkness and sometimes that darkness swoops in its dark claws and tries to grab any light that existed and swallow it up keeping it from us, taking away its ability to shine—we must protect this light on earth. It’s sacred."

"Horrible things happen that leave an imprint that cannot be erased. Memories exist forever, they cannot be wiped away. And sometimes that horror trapped within the hell’s vortex finds a way to travel back to earth and back to the magic world and the muggle world—to corrupt it—to take over—and bring more pain and negativity, and allowing--"

"...bad things to happen within the dark arts, which is not its sole purpose. "

"This dark light’s plan is to bring hell back to earth and create chaos where the natural order of things existed. It despised unity. It despised positive change. It despised anything holy and good and true and wanted to bring it back to a place where it had complete control. " Malfoy muttered close by but not loud enough for any of them to hear. “Both he and Harry Potter are the worst thing to ever happen to Hogwarts.”

"The dark light wanted to segregate and separate. It wanted to control people and the destiny that awaited for them and keep their dreams from having the chance to grow. But as it escapes the black vortex—it is not alone, for a guardian of light is sent back to earth to watch this dark entity that escaped..."

"And protect all of those left exposed for its dark deeds. This is a light that is sent to protect both The Muggle World and The Magic World. A light both worlds can share.”

"Do you think the Black Light escaped?" Hermione Granger then asked Dumbledore.

"Let's hope that it didn't, Granger." Dumbledore said. "Or we'll be in a shit load of trouble If I dare so say so."

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