A Light at Hogwarts There was a new girl being pushed as a second year at Hogwarts.
              A Light at Hogwarts 

There was a new girl being pushed as a second year at Hogwarts. the sorting hat stories

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A loud bang startled many students at Hogwarts and a flash of light lit up the night sky. Something has fallen from the heavens down into the lake below. Harry Potter and his crew at Hogwarts have a lot of exploring to do to find out what this mystery presence is.

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A Light at Hogwarts There was a new girl being pushed as a second year at Hogwarts.

Her name was Odessa O’Maury. And she was a complete mystery.

But the majority of the students were all still very curious about the bright light that enveloped the school weeks earlier.

Harry knew something had fallen into the lake behind Hogwarts, but Hagrid refused to give him a clue on what it was.

"Hagrid can you give us a tiny hint on what you found there?" Harry and Ron both begged him.

But Hagrid wouldn't budge. He said he swore to secrecy.

"Please, Hagrid." Harry Potter begged.

"If I told you, I could face losing my job." Hagrid said.

The other students wondered who the new girl was. And why did Dumbledore make an exception for one student?

But when the students questioned this, the professors acted rather strangely.

Ron, Hermione and Harry knew something was up.

Soon enough all were expected to attend the ceremony for this new girl, including parents, students and teachers.

But during the ceremony the hat called out something strange. "LIGHTWORKER!"

And the students seemed a bit confused. What did the hat just say?

"A Lightworker?" Malfoy looked back at Goyle and Crabbe.

Lucius couldn't believe what he just heard.And he was ......

But the hat then corrected himself and sorted Odessa into The Ravenclaw house.

And Like Lucius, Draco Malfoy was also not impressed in the slightest bit. He looked back with a smug look on his face.

"A Ravenclaw?” Malfoy sneered. “Characterized by their wit, learning, and wisdom. What does she know?"

He was already feeling irritated by this girl’s presence. But All Draco knew was that the professors were making an exception for this girl for no reason at all.

His father did not trust her and neither did his son. There was just something hidden there that neither of them could trust.

" believe this crap? They built O'Maury, her own bloody suite!" Draco yelled out. He was furious.

"They are treating her better than bloody Harry Potter!"

"Mark my words they will pay for this! I swear on the mark of Morsmordre!"

"Odessa O'Maury truly is the worst thing that ever happened to this place!"

Draco knew the professors were keeping a secret about what had fallen into the lake behind Hogwarts, and now this new girl was here treading on dangerous turf. And it would be only a matter of time before he and his father expose their little secret...

But until then he aimed to teach Odessa O'Maury the most important lesson she'd ever learn at Hogwarts. And this would be a lesson she will never forget.

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