The peace among the chaos

         The peace among the chaos portugal stories

joana Lost unicorn trying to be kind
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They are both part of me and you, as well

The peace among the chaos


Dark Cold

Dark Frightning Cold

Getting terribly habituated to this chaos

For quite a long time I walked side by side with the agony

I got out of the chaos

This new light was a perfect paradise

And confirming all that I had learnt, it did not last

The misery called for me, knowing I had gotten to used to its company. I am so sorry... I couldn't resist it

In the end, here I stand... between

The sun shining colour and beauty

And the moon shinning confort and understanding

Finaly, the chaos

Finaly, the chaos is welcomed...

somehow, it became home.

My soul is conflicted, layered, divided... but not conquered or defeated!

The darkness will stay

The light will come

And eventualy we will all be dead, forgoten and never forgiven.

Knowing this, we might as well live a little and love both the sun and the moon.

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