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A little rant about the amazon and humans.


This whole business that is happening in the amazon (it is a business) is annoying me in so many ways, but mostly when it comes to people’s reactions.

I see so many posts on instagram and other social medias about this.

These people never cared before about shit that is impacting our climate, but show them a shocking photo and it becomes the most important thing all of a sudden.

I don't think any of them really care about the amazon or the environmental crisis, I think they are just scared. They saw the lungs of the planet burn and felt their own lungs burn as well.

Let me tell you that the rainforests of the world have been burning for decades, by us, human kind.

In the last hundred years, half of all rainforests' territory around the world has been taken down to serve the needs of several companies.

Did anyone care about that?

Did anyone care about that? NO!

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