lady lucy

josomewhere between hell and outer space
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something i wrote on acid a while ago

lady lucy

by jo

i am not drunk

just under the influence

the tab on my tongue

is not something of innocence

when the walls start to breathe

and the colors get brighter

you're in for a trip

that is something to die for

the world becomes beautiful and pain goes away

and the revelations considered stay for more than a day

it can change your whole life in a wonderful way

but believe me when i tell you that this isn't a game

things can get freightening and start to turn dark

so make sure that you're ready for the journey you embark

because if there is a hell you could possibly visit

but if there is a heaven then just know you'll be in it

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5 months agoReply
yep things can go to shit as quickly as the beauty blossomed

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This is an ode to acid (I would assume LSD and not vinegar) I never thought of LSD being particularly illuminating experience. It works differently on all people. I never ceased acknowledging that the things I saw were nothing more that chemically induced hallucination. Don't let me bum you out (if you still speak in such jargon) . I have seen people receive some sort of enlightenment from LSD. I think your poem was incredibly insightful and descriptive. Good work.