Rise of the Devil (Chapter 5 pt 2)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 5 pt 2) xmen stories

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After finishing one sandwich I laid down on the bed waiting, 15 minutes passed and by then I figures Bean would already be in her room but just to make sure I asked one of the shadow figures to check and sure enough she was there.

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 5 pt 2)

After finishing one sandwich I laid down on the bed waiting,

15 minutes passed and by then I figures Bean would already be in her room but just to make sure I asked one of the shadow figures to check and sure enough she was there.

I made a small portal to her room, I peeked my head in and saw her getting out of her bathroom, "Hey." I said to make my presence known, she jumped a little but smiled when she saw it was me.

"Gosh! You almost gave me a heart attack Luci. I totally forgot you could do that." she responded as I walked into her room.

I stood in a corner, not really sure where to go or what to do next, it was getting awkward thank fucking god she said something.

"Welcome to my room, sorry if it's a bit of a mess, I wasn't really expecting anybody. You can sit in the chair I'll be right back, I'll just dry my hair and hang my towel. Be right back.

" she said cheerfully as she made her way back into the bathroom.

When she came back she sat on her bed, then there's another wave of awkward silence.

We were both looking at the floor, "I'm sorry about today, I hope the professor didn't really punish you? He promised me you weren't but still." she said as she watched me.

"Nah, we just talked about boring 'stuff'." I said nonchalantly.

She was about to say something but then stopped when her bones started to manifest itself, she looked at me and panicked a little then she turned her back towards me.

"I'm sorry, I guess the serum's effects wore off for today." she said in a hushed voice the faked a laugh.

She was ashamed I guess or embarrassed? So I walked towards her and patted her shoulder, she flinched a bit and turned to face me.

"You don't have to be ashamed you know, like I said earlier I think you look really badass and besides you don't ever need to hide who you are to me. I know what it feels like.

" I said to her with a small smile.

I took a deep breath, "My real name was Jane Wilson. Since I was young my parents weren't really the best, I had to grow up fast to take care of myself.

It didn't really help that they were so against mutants.

I was about 5 when my abilities manifested, it wasn't really difficult to hide it from them since they weren't home that often and if they were they would either be too busy drinking,

or passed out drunk in front of the TV.

School was a pain in the ass since I was bullied and was a loner 'cause I was all dark and gloomy, and I didn't really give a shit and just tuned everything out.

A year after that was when I met the shadow guys and from then on they helped me train and develop my powers.

A few years after that me and my parents were walking on a dark alley when they spotted an orphan and homeless mutant boy, they harassed him verbally and kicked him,

so I protected in him and in the process revealed my powers.

After that night I ran away, changed my name and have been travelling all around for a couple years then I heard about this place and the rest was history." I finished.

She just stared at me, "I'm sorry about how your parents treated you." She said, I shook my head "Don't be, its not your fault and besides they were pieces of shit anyway.

But if it wasn't for them being assholes I wouldn't have ran away and I wouldn't have heard of this place so." I shrugged.

I started to panic a little when I saw tears welled up in her eyes, "H-Hey, you okay? Are you in pain from the bones?

"I asked as I crouched down so we were on the same level and held her shoulders so I could do a physical check on her if she really was in pain.

I started scanning her from head to toe, when suddenly she started snorting and laughing.I backed away from her confused.

I don't know if this is normal? I haven't really had much experience with socializing with other people so this is making me a little worried.

'Oh shit, don't tell me the one time crazy?' I thought.

After she finished laughing and wiping her tears she turned to me, "I'm sorry, it's just you looked so genuinely confused and lost, and to answer your question,

no I am not in pain the bones don't hurt. I mean at first when they grew out and pierced the skin they stung a bit but now I'm used to it.

The reason I was crying was because I was touched by your words." She finished.

I sighed in relief, "Thank you." she said as I turned to her.

"We've gone through this earlier, that was more than enough 'thank yous' and besides anyone sane enough would've done the same thing.

I nonchalantly said as I pulled the chair closer to the edge of the bed and sat down.

She shook her head, "Yeah well, I'm glad that you were one of those people. You know when my parents left I felt kind of happy, I mean yes I was devastated but in a way I finally felt free...

...free from their awful stares, their discrimination, and their verbal abuse. It took me a while to get here and I had my fair share of struggle on the street during that time.

When I did finally got here I felt relieved, the professor and the other instructors made me feel welcomed and I was just happy to finally belong.

But then when the other students saw me they got scared and avoided me like the plague.

But it didn't stop me, I tried to talk to the other students at any chance I got and overtime some of them started to talk to me.

It was great but then one day during simulation training I lost control of my powers and they started to grow out of control, some of the students that were near enough got pierced and when Mr.

Logan tried to approach me he got injured. After that the others started to fear me once again and then Alice and some others started to spread rumors and that's when the bullying started.

" she shared as I listened to her intently.

"After that no one ever got near to me, but still I was nice to everyone, I never really minded the bullying and if I could help someone I would even if they were one of my bullies or not.

" she continued then looked at me, I gave her a comforting smile.

She laughed and sighed "You probably think I'm stupid or atleast crazy for being so optimistic and nice to everyone huh?" she asked, to be honest I did but I just shrugged.

"I don't know, its just the way I am I guess.I never really held grudges." she explained.

"I guess that's just the way you are,

its funny how your mutation makes you look like a version of the Grim Reaper - no offense- yet you're this sweet and overly optimistic and insanely cheerful girl.

"I said which made her finally laugh.

"Truly I wanna say thank you again...no one has ever stood up for me like that." she said a bit embarrassed and looked to the floor.

I smirked at her, "Yeah well, you're quite interesting and my shadow figures have been bugging me about making 'human' friends for years so.

" I started, "Besides I think your mutation is dope, its one of the best I've seen so far." I continued, she looked at me with wide eyes and started laughing.

"You're a little weird yourself, you're probably the only person to say that about 'this'." she said as she gestures to all of her with her hands.

"You've got a point, and it doesn't really count since I control shadows and darkness so you get an idea of my preference with dark stuff." I said to her.

"True, by the way what do you mean your shadow figures told you to make friends?" she asked a little curious.

But before I could even say anything five dark shadows started appearing behind me, she looked a bit startled but I patted her shoulder to reassure her it was okay.

'Hi! We're the shadow figures Luci here has been referring to.'

'Nice to finally meet you Bean!'

'You're name's a little weird - no offense- but its also kinda cute and it fits you in a way.'

'So you're the mini version of the Grim Reaper. Wow you're mutation looks really cool!'

'I agree, so don't listen to that vile Alice person and her little groupies.'

They all chimed in one by one, I looked back at them and pushed them back a little bit to give Bean a little space. "Okay, calm down give her a little space, your practically all over her.

" I sighed and raised their hands in surrender.

"Bean meet the shadow figures, they're practically like my annoying older brothers. Guys this is Bean." I said as I introduced them to each other.

Bean just laughed, "Wow, you're actually alive? Like you each have a mind of your own?" she asked

"I don't really know if they're considered alive, but yeah they all have a mind of their own and not like mindless slaves.

They can choose to do whatever they want but we can all hear each other telepathically, they can see everything I see, and to some degree they can feel my emotions.

So basically they're like my literal shadow." I explained to her, the guys just nodded their heads.

"Oh cool, but why do you call them 'shadow figures'? they don't have names?" she asked looking at each of the shadow figures.

We all shrugged in sync which was unintentional by the way. "I don't know? It didn't really occur to me I guess."

'And we didn't really care, we can talk like normal and besides she knows which is which so I guess it wasn't really a problem.' one of the shadows said.

"Yeah, for her but I can't really tell any of you guys apart I'm sorry." Bean apologized.

"That's understandable I mean the only thing that's different with each of you is the way each of the flames in you head appear and the small pattern on your heads and Bean's the

first person they met besides me so.'" I said, I turned to the shadow figures and said "So how bout it you guys? You wanna have names?" I asked them.

They all agreed and we all started thinking of unique names for them then Bean though of an idea,

"Well since you changed your name to 'Luci Morningstar' which I assume is related to the whole demon theme and a play on Lucifer Morningstar, the King of Hell.

So how about we stick to it and come up with names similar to that of the Princes of Hell?" she explained to all of us.

"You have a point hmm, okay so what do you think guys?" I asked the shadow figures who gave a thumbs up.

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