Rise of the Devil (Chapter 3)
Rise of the Devil (Chapter 3) xmen stories

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No One's POV To say that the fight left everyone in shock was an understatement, the children were all stunned at what just transpired just a few moments ago.

Rise of the Devil (Chapter 3)

No One's POV

To say that the fight left everyone in shock was an understatement, the children were all stunned at what just transpired just a few moments ago.

Logan certainly ate his own words, he was still down on the concrete floor where Luci left him and the other members of the X-Men were frozen to their spots.

'Hmm, I knew she was powerful but I didn't know to what extent.' Charle's thought to himself. "You shouldn't have underestimated her Logan.

" Hank said as he maid his way to Logan to help him up.

"I didn't! Okay I might have just a little bit but the power she had was undeniable." Logan panted as he sat up and tried to breath normally.

"She might be young but her power and control is impeccable." Charle's chimed in as the other X-Men gathered around Logan.

"But a power like is pretty dangerous professor, especially since she controls darkness and shadows. I could have a mental effect on her." Jean said as she analyzed the previous battle.

Charles nodded his head and faced the shocked children still present around them.

"Okay children classes are dismissed for today. You will continue your lessons tomorrow. Take this time to get some rest.

" the professor announced as a wave of cheers echoed and the kids started running inside the mansion.

"Well atleast she came to usc could you imagine if an mutant terrorist group found her or if Magneto discovered her. She would have been a very powerful opponent." Scott stated.

"She is very powerful one indeed, our job now is to guide her to the right path and hope she sticks to that path.

" Charles replied as the others nodded in agreement and they wall walked back inside the mansion.

Luci's POV

When I woke up I was bit confused as to where I was, but then realized what happened yesterday.

I woke up around 11 in the evening, you see unlike normal people who have a normal sleeping pattern and sleep at night, I am pretty much nocturnal,

I guess it comes with my abilities since I get my power form darkness so it makes sense I'm awake at night when everything is covered in darkness.

I put some of my clothes in the closet and proceeded to take a quick shower and change.

My stomach decided to make its presence known so I reluctantly went downstairs to the huge kitchen I passed by earlier when I went to find my room.

The hallway was dimly lit since everyone's pretty much a sleep.

Based on what I've seen so far I'm guessing everyone here is younger than me, I mean I'm not saying I'm old but I am in my early 20's and everyone here is around 11 and 18 years old.

To be honest I don't know what to feel about this.

Should I be happy that I'm older than most here so they don't get to boss me around that much or should I be embarrassed about it?

I don't really care, I look pretty young for my age so I guess it doesn't really matter.

I got a lot of stares from the people I passed by as I made my way to the kitchen, I don't mind the taunts, the stares,

the stupid comments and remarks just as long as they don't get into my business and bother me or else there will be hell to pay.

'Jesus, I really need to work on my temper.' I thought as I sighed and took out a carton of milk from the fridge.

"Hi, you're the new girl right? My name's Bean, I know it's not a really good or original name but hey, it's nice to meet you.

" a voice chimed in from behind me,

I slowly turned around to face a girl about a feet and a half shorter than me with platinum blonde hair almost white and light purple eyes wearing her pj's with her hand outstretched for me.

I slowly looked at her and her hand and nodded my hand. She took her hand back and starred at me, I guess she was waiting for me to reply.

I didn't really want to talk to her but I think she won't leave me otherwise. "Yeah......I'm Luci.....Luci Morningstar.

" I said slowly trying to get her to understand that I don't really want to talk.

"Nice to meet you Luci! If you need anything or get lost you can always come and ask me okay." she stated, her eyes were beaming. I just nodded awkwardly and looked at her blankly.

"Okay, sorry for bothering you, have a good night! I'll go on ahead now! It was nice meeting you!" she yelled as she quickly went upstairs to her room.

'Okay? She's a weird one. Hmm it's been a while since I actually hung around people then again I never really had a social life so..

' I thought to myself as I finished drinking my milk and grabbed an apple on the way out. I went outside to get some fresh air and to enjoy the night sky.

'Have trouble sleeping?' I heard the professor's voice ask inside my head, I turned around to see the professor making his way towards the balcony. 'No, just admiring the view.' I replied to him.

He made his way beside me, as much as I hate being around a lot of people I didn't really mind his company as long as he minded his own business.

"It's pretty late, is something troubling you Luci?" he asked after a few minutes of silence.

"No, I just enjoy the night sky, I'm pretty much nocturnal I'd rather sleep in the day and be awake at night, I guess it comes with my abilities an all.

" I replied without even looking at him. "I suppose, the power and control you displayed earlier was very impressive. But I do have some concerns.

Darkness is a very powerful medium, like water or light it can be harnessed almost anywhere, even within each one of us." he said as he faced me.

I looked at him to urge him to continue, "I want you to be careful, it can have some side effects on you, maybe not physically but emotionally and mentally.

" he warned I snorted at his comment and faced the night sky.

"I never really understood why people are afraid of the dark, to most darkness is where bad things happen, where death lies. But to me darkness is an ally, it's like a part of me.

" I said as he stares at me.

"In darkness is where we discover who we really are, what we value most when no one is looking.

It allows us to be true to ourselves and express things we would otherwise never show to anyone." I said as I climbed up the balcony and faced the professor.

"Think about it, light blinds us does it not? In darkness we see clearly who we are, and see our demons.

Each one of us as you've said earlier has our own darkness, so I guess my chances of being affected by it is just as good as anyone else." I finished as I jumped off the balcony.

To be honest the look on the professor's face when I jumped was kinds funny and he even looked to down to see if I was alright.

I laughed and flew back up using my shadow wings, hovering a few inches above him.

"The only difference is that, I embrace the darkness and I fully accept it. That I think is what allows me to control my powers. For me darkness is a friend, a safe place, and an ally."

The professor just sighed, "Very well, I trust you Luci. Well then I'd best head back now, have a good night Luci. and don't forget classes start at 8 tomorrow morning.

" he said as he made his way back inside the mansion. "Good night professor." I simply replied as I continued flying around the property.

After a few hours of flying around I decided to stop at a small clearing a couple of kilometers away from the mansion and train for a bit.

Seeing as it was night time obviously there wasn't a shortage of shadows or darkness to use even though I don't really need it since I could conjure up my own but it just makes things

a lot easier.

A summoned a few shadow figures to spar with and after around an hour of close combat sparring I decided to move on to long-range exercises.

I asked one of the shadow figures to set up a couple of targets a few meters away, 'I know, I sound stupid for talking to the shadow figures I conjure up,

but I like to think they have a mind of their own....

and because it gets lonely sometimes so I talk to them, you'd be surprised at how good they are at listening, better than most people I guarantee it.'

I conjure up an arrow and a few bows and start shooting, after some warm ups I asked the shadow figures to start flying with me and throw a couple of target.

We start flying around and after a few rounds we took a short rest. One of the shadow figures gave me an apple and water, we all sat next to each other and enjoyed the night sky.

'See they do have some sort of consciousness in a way.' they would even start joking around sometimes.

One time during winter when we were training one of the shadow figures thought it was funny to throw a snowball at me, so naturally I retaliated so we started a small snowball fight.

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