Chapter Two: Memelin and the Unexpected Encounters, Part I
Chapter Two: Memelin and the Unexpected Encounters,
Part I adventure stories

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Diegrón and Alvatrón ventured into the forest in search of Memelin and the coveted mushrooms and berries. Little did they know the adventures the forest had in store for them.

Chapter Two: Memelin and the Unexpected Encounters, Part I

byJuliana maria Martinez Fajardo(c) Editorial Group: Juliana Victoria Martinez Eric Illies

Something was going on in the forest. It was unusually dark and torrents of rain burst through the treetops. Thunder, and an eerie feeling of despair, frightened the villagers.

-"Don't go in there", they said to a pair of young boys determined to follow through on their quest.

-"But we must....we must find Memelin." -"You don't want to find Memelin, not today. She is the reason for this darkness. You see, she unleashed her fury when hunters tried to capture monkeys in her forest." -"Why would two young lads such as yourselves wish to see her on such a moody day? What business do you have with her anyway?"

-"I believe she might be expecting us. We have a pending mushroom-berry condition to fulfill." -"God be with you my friends." -"God always is, my friend."

The boys cautiously proceeded to walk through the forest in search for the mystical creature their cousins Alet and Ninacorn encountered. Their legs trembled and the noise of the trees cast a grim picture. All of a sudden, they felt an overwhelming presence behind them.

-"Welcome Diegrón and Alvatrón, of the house of the Proulxs, I wasn't expecting you so soon", Memelin said in a quiet voice. Her enchanting demeanor put the boys at ease even though they noticed tears in her eyes. -"How did you know it was us?" Diegrón asked.

-"Simple my dears. Butterflies followed you all the way to me. It is a sign of the musical spirit that lives in you both. You inherited from your grandmother...

butterflies will always be your best friends. Come with me, there is something I must show you". To be continued...

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