Chapter Three: Memelin and the Rescue Mission, Part II...The Antidote of Love
Chapter Three: Memelin and the Rescue Mission, Part II...The  Antidote of Love  freedom stories
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Memelin introduces to the cousins an alternative to rescue the monkeys without the use of force with long-lasting results. A much powerful antidote of love to all the viruses of the world.

Chapter Three: Memelin and the Rescue Mission, Part II...The Antidote of Love

By Juliana Maria Martinez Fajardo Editorial Group: Juliana Victoria Martinez Hassan Bahuddin

The cousins of NorVenCol were ready for a fight against the hunters that kept dad-monkeys captive. The only missing piece of the puzzle was Memelin since they needed her to allow for a beautiful spring day, for their plan to work.

-"Memelin, Memelin", they all yield while cruising the forest. At once, Memelin appeared wearing a shiny red tunic made of sparkling decorations and layers of silk. The cousins had never seen her so radiant.

-"What's the occasion?" Ninacorn asked. "We are ready for war." She added. -"I am aware of your plans, but before you go to war with those hunters, I want to tell you that I have been given the antidote of love...your love."

The cousins looked at each other puzzled but intrigued. -"Were you sick?" Aletón asked. -"I a way. The viruses of the world weighed heavily on me. But now I feel more alive and energized than ever.

Here is a secret: When you were born, you were each given the antidote of love by your parents.

The more others are exposed to your affection and kindness, the more healing they experience when love is not present in their lives and when viruses of hate and destruction prevail.

Since the first time Aletón and Ninacorn came to the forest to pick up berries of love and mushrooms of happiness, I noticed that the berries multiplied more than usual because they felt their gentle touch and care. I, myself, started to feel loved and cherished for the first time.

I also noticed that every one that came into contact with the siblings or any of you, cousins, became healed with the antidote of love. -"But what are the symptoms of being healed?" Diegrón asked.

-"It depends on the virus, but usually your heart warms up", Memelin explained, "you smile more often, you hug, you kiss, you dance, you live to the want to share the antidote of love."

"You, cousins don't notice the symptoms because they are already your qualities. You, my little ones, have the power to use this antidote on whomever you choose to and bring above a change of heart."

-"Are you suggesting we don't sneak around the hunters or use force to free the monkeys?" Isalar asked? -"Well, only you, cousins, can make that decision." Memelin replied." -"Oh boy" said Alvatron.

The cousins reflected for a few minutes and agreed on a new plan of action. Memelin immediately opened up the skies for a beautiful sunny day.

The cousins walked rapidly through the forest, determined to free the monkeys. When they arrived at the camp, Lukitalar said loudly: "Ladies and Gentlemen: We have brought free music for your enjoyment by maestro pianist Alvatron and international singer Ninacorn."

The hunters appeared confused but they went along with the innocent children without realizing that they were about to be given the antidote of love...the kind that changes one's heart forever. Greed and ambition had overtaken their hearts before this day.

They followed Isalar, Aletón, Diegrón and Lukitalar in creating a dancing circle to move along with the music. They sang, they hugged, they jumped, and the laughed until they were all exhausted. The joy the hunters felt was unprecedented. Their hearts warmed up, they couldn't stop smiling and appreciating each other's friendship.

Then, they all sat for a while to rest and drink a beverage. -"I haven't felt this happy in a long time," said the leader of the hunters. "You, cousins are a fun bunch" he added. The cousins looked at each other with a smirk on their faces, thinking of their ulterior motives.

-"Dear leader:" Isalar pled. "We would like the families of the monkeys you have captive to feel the same joy. We want the entire forest and the villages to rejoice from the antidote of love like you are now. Would you let them go?"

-"Young lady: I do feel different somehow. But this is how we make our living. This is how we feed our families. We don't like to do this but we have no choice."

-"You do", Diegrón replied. "We will talk to our parents, the Queens and Kings of NorVenCol to provide you with work that doesn't hurt the forest, the kind of work that you can be proud of."

-"Besides..." Aletón added, "you have now been given the antidote of love. The joy you feel is a symptom that your heart has now surrendered to love. It's a choice to share it with someone else, but once you have been given this antidote, you'll never be the same."

The leader stood up and firmly proclaimed that hunting season in NorVenCol was over indefinitely and the monkeys were to be released.

The cages were opened and the dad-monkeys run into the forest in search of their loved ones. The antidote of love had been a more powerful weapon that force and sneakiness. The antidote of love would spread through the land of NorVenCol which will now be known as the "Land of the Heart."

The cousins cheered in celebration while Memelin observed proudly, quietly and contemplatively. It was now time to reveal more about her nature to the cousins. They deserved to know where she came from...

To be continued...

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